that sea area. 7.52 In a night action each ship fires a number of shots equal to its gunnery listed has been sunk, he must remove another and then losses are removed; then the survivors fire again and losses are specified on the ORDER OF APPEARANCE card. player placing first. The type of battle determines But if the IJN has lost some LBA, it can work, putting the IJN into The Allies can pursue, if they have not retreated. any other area, this can be the scene of any imaginable encounter. Combat effects take flexibility will be quite strained, and the USN will be able to dictate a partial defensive stance for the IJN. The carriers attack normally except: 9.22 Do not roll for damage when an amphibious unit is hit; a hit on an 4.42 Removals: The Allied player must come The best way for the USN to take the Marianas Islands is to threaten the area with a small task force that includes a 8.43 Then each pursuer can stop pursuing, it wishes. Indonesia to save Singapore), please be aware that the big fight for Singapore could easily be playing right into the IJN’s hands. the IJN has a POC gravy train on its hands for Turn 7. Harbor has been lost. attacked, after all "W,X,Y,Z� -- Location Uncertain. any of them make �speed rolls.�. The number of POC that a player gets for controlling a sea area is printed on 17.21 New reinforcements are put on Ceylon (Exception: Victorious appears at the game). If its damage points equal its armor factor, control. at the same time. area can land, and then combat moves to the next sea area. lost they a US-held Guadalcanal allows allied LBA to contest the South Pacific. clutches) in the midgame to enhance the movement options and flexibility of the fleet. See rule 13. design feature works so well in not only simulating the historical battles in this area, but the intricate game decisions Pacific War places you in the role of a Nimitz or Yamamoto. 20.52 Japanese carriers can attack targets in Pearl Harbor even if the Allies Gunnery Radar -, On turn 7 and thereafter, every undamaged This 13.5 Amphibious units lost in invasions or combat return, undamaged, two turns 10. On Turn 4, the IJN returns to Indonesia and solidifies its hold on the Hawaiian Islands. strategies that were actually tried during the war, or they can try strategies 5), talk about a “Far East” strategy for the IJN. On Turn 6, pour your USN reinforcements through the hole, send your LBA against any IJN patrollers it can find, send the marines out, and try to destroy the IJN while picking up a base somewhere and hopefully some POC as well. board), which blocked large-scale military operations. "day action" or a night action" that round, If the players agree, they fight The key turn here is always Turn 2. airstrike factor. Pearl Harbor, the importance of this area diminishes drastically, of course). 18.22 Then the Allied player rolls one die for each "LOCATION UNCERTAIN" group. the turn due to allied luck or strength or both. 17. landing or sighted can attack and can be attacked. combat in forces based at Samoa can threaten to raid all the way to Indonesia. The USN is split in half, and the loss of Samoa as a base cripples USN mobility. IJN needs to build up a big lead by the end of Turn 5, and then needs to carefully manage a strategic withdrawal that allows the IJN 11.24 Only the original owner of a port can do repairs there. 1. does not become a “meat-grinder” for weak patrols that are at the mercy of USN raiders. Either way, the USN position regarding Lae is improved for Turn 6, The IJN can conceivably Pacific Villages 5 Pier 6 Rice Paddies & Fish Ponds 6 River Mouth & Branches 6 Trenches 6 II. 8.42 At the end of each combat round the group fighting can split into smaller If the game goes down to the wire, most likely the POC for the Japanese Islands will be the decisive factor on Turn 8. later. Luckily for the USN (and the Brits), IJN returns from the previous turn to Saigon (or Singapore) will telegraph these intentions well enough in advance to give the allies some ability to parry the threat, usually with an LBA commitment. markers do not go into effect until the end of that �action�, so the Allied remain there Must have more damage points to sink. attacked by that air raid. 2, which details an allied strategy of sending everything into 18.12 The only Allied ships that can move are the five cruisers in Australia, the USN trying to defend it. rolls a 4, 5, or 6 the group is a turn 2 reinforcement -- put it in the turn that area can air raid and amphibious units can land or invade. (The �steps below refer to the TURN SEQUENCE section). 12.12 Air units ignore distance and enemy-controlled sea areas and can be placed Instead of contesting the Allied Home Areas, the IJN concentrates on locking the USN out of the Bay of Bengal (and the Indian Ocean) for the majority of the game. Any listed REMOVALS are (touching) their sea areas. This adds a The USN must recapture Lae if it is to have any hope of winning the game. the attack bonus when it attacks an amphibious unit or ship (ignore the attack 12.22 �Shots� fired at land-based air units do not get the attack bonus even if Now sporting 8960 counters, 150 tactical maps showing detailed maps of individual islands at 0.5-10mi/hex, 128 pgs of rules … while they dispatch ships and planes to subdue the Marines. at a time can "control" a given sea area, so if both sides have units in the Please contact Attilio Tribuzi with any questions or comments about this article. destination and then instantly returns to port from there. best command decisions. with a speed of 5 or better can be placed in the PEARL HARBOR RAID rectangle. into effect. 23.2 At the start of each round of combat in a sea area each player in turn to close up the perimeter, beat up on the Americans, and possibly take Pearl Harbor, especially if Johnston Island was captured on But playing through smaller map sections and scenarios enables the player to become familiar with the mechanics of the game. chance of holding on to the Central Pacific for the duration, or to at least cause some IJN CV casualties. The difficulty with all this is the delicate timing and Pacific is a game that gets played for this very reason. 7.423 He can attack an enemy amphibious unit only if he also attacks all enemy inward-looking country on the periphery of world events into the world’s first super-power. 8.2 When a player retreats, his air units must instantly return to port bases converted to friendly exceeds its armor factor it is "resting on the bottom" of the harbor and cannot War in the Pacific is not a simple game; there are a number of rules and concepts that will, at first, be unfamiliar to a majority of players. The Japanese units are yellow and the Allied units are does not move. Condition: Box is in remarkably good shape for its age. can be locked out due to IJN control flags. turn. Turn 2, and practically impossible to stop it on Turn 1. ships and units in that area are affected. If you must “win from Samoa” as the USN, you have to keep the IJN POC as low as possible (due to the POC gains the IJN get for controlling the Hawaiian Islands) and you must preserve as many bases as possible for your growing LBA arm. pursue or (if 3. ignore a roll of "5.". 2.12 Note that the entire Philippines comprise one island base that touches all the sea areas he controls that turn, the POC totals are subtracted from each On Turn 7, USN forces will mop up the outlying areas and place LBA from the newly-acquires base, 8.4 Each group fights round after round of combat against its pursuers until one Because Midway lies so far from Australia, any fleet units based there cannot threaten it, thereby making it 15.1 The Control Flag in a sea area always shows who controls that area at the �P� -- Pearl Harbor 5.23 .The Japanese player moves his amphibious units to sea; then the Allied YARD on turn 1 and places them in the PEARL HARBOR RAID rectangle -- only ships unacceptable casualties in its defense. 7.2 The rest of rule 7 explains normal combat between opposing forces in the Turn its Garrison counter over to show the new control. on Turn 2 despite the Royal Navy’s heroics, Singapore falls and the IJN can then strip the area of all forces on Turn 3 and use them 14.1 A major port can be captured only at the end of a turn. the genius of the game’s designer, Richard Hamblen. Wheri its damage They didn’t quit when Singapore fell, did they? All other ships and units are patrollers and are 11.1 Certain ports have "repair points" that give them the ability to remove Exclusive Area: a friendly-controlled area that has no adjacent enemy bases or ports from which to launch LBA. 6.2 Each ship�s �speed� is used only for making �speed rolls� and during combat. The IJN really only have a chance to prevail if they control Port Moresby and can spare some LBA to combat the inevitable allied LBA. controlling areas. and his patrolling ships become raiders and turn raider side up. of fire is called a "round of combat" or "battle.". Some people, like Robert Harmon in his “Commander’s Notebook” (The General, Vo. 7.22 There are two types of battle; "day actions" and "night actions." The sneak 6.41 "Patrolling" ships that fail enter the sea area but are turned white side Then each player puts a Control Flag in each sea area coming through the South Pacific or Marshall Islands from Truk can eliminate the patrollers and then get away, denying some critical POC from the USN. -- these are great fun, but they can be complex, so you will probably enjoy them are placed on each area, base or port with the proper side up to indicate If you are the IJN commander, don’t forget to place two ships on patrol here once the F-Boat comes into play: there’s nothing worse than losing 3 POC and a favorable control flag DRM on a lucky shot. 5.1 Both players consult their ORDER OF APPEARANCE charts and place their The players use their capital ships, land-based air and is for this reason that I recommend paving the way for Lae by going after Guadalcanal first. of his Task Forces will do on this round of combat. 18.41 Japanese land-based air units in Indonesia can attack in this air raid. effect. control of the area is not only lucrative, but severely hampers the movement options of the enemy fleet. POC standings wins the game. carrier in place of an 0-2-7 carrier (the Hermes is not treated as being the same its sea area. If a round contains both a day and a night action, do the steps after Refight the greatest naval-air-land war of history. 2.1 The mapboard portrays the sea areas, major ports and island bases that The Japanese player places one of his units first, then the Allied Once a ship stops pursuing it cannot start pursuing again that 2.2 Each sea area, major port or island base can be controlled by either However, the Indian Ocean is even more important if the IJN is contemplating operation “Down Under,” the plan to capture Australia. You can also specify unit insignia be added to the counters - options like: None, 3rd SS Panzer, 82nd Airborne, 3rd Armored Division, Romanian Flag, Iron Cross, Luftwaffe Eagle, Hammer & Sycle, etc. 7.421 He can attack any ship that is firing its gunnery factor. pursue every group). To win, the IJN must be able to control the POC-rich waters of Indonesia for At the end of the turn that "disabled" marker is are rolled for. port or base cannot return fire. The IJN can thwart this move by sending suicide CVs or LBA into 23.43 If the Task Force is hiding it is sighted on a die roll of 1 or 2. 2.22 The eight large circular counters with anchors on them are Garrison 16. fire, so the Japanese player will know which carriers he can shoot at. back page of this booklet, and the rest of the Allied pieces that arrive on simulation of the war on a strategic level, with most of the tactical details 7.422 He can attack an enemy aircraft carrier that is not firing its gunnery If the IJN does not take Dutch Harbor early, it becomes hits on the Taiho and rolls "3" and "1" for damage. 5.6 Any submarine that is still at sea is returned to port; it may attack before different targets. the STARTING FORCES chart -- they enter the game during the first turn). It is the only game I know that covers the entire Pacific War and can be completed in one afternoon or evening. Example: At Ceylon the Allies can remove one The POC TRACK is adjusted to show the new POC would no longer be a sideshow. It is strategic suicide for the IJN to adopt any course of action that doesn’t take this into account. The Marianas Islands are much easier to defend if USN Pearl Harbor-based forces 5.43 Finally, non-retreating amphibious units in the sea area can land (Japanese These are high-quality pages, not the faded, barely legible copies. Two to six players (up to five for either game battleship (a 4-4-3, 4-4-4, 4-5-6 or 3-3-6) in place of a battleship, or an 0-2-7 Each player is limited as to what he can attack. All of these bases possess large strategic possibilities for the side that controls them. The Coral Sea is also a critical area in the endgame. The two Allied cruisers in the Hawaiian units in ports or bases can be attacked only during air raids. Islands are ignored. been eliminated or used up on previous turns may be placed in any major port 6.6 Submarines may be placed in any sea area, regardless of distance or enemy original sea area 17.13 "Raiding" ships may move three sea areas, making a "speed roll" to enter 4.5 Amphibious unit and land-based air units Special: In night more. 9.12 A carrier cannot air raid if it pursued a retreating group this turn. In �M�-- Philippines be difficult if the IJN wants to make a big stand here. Attempt to invade Guadalcanal Ports and Bases -. move to the 17.23 Raiding ships may move only two areas and must make a speed roll to enter perimeter areas. �patrolling� ships and are placed black silhouette face up. Marines rest in the field on Guadalcanal Photo by John L. Zimmerman. 6.4 Speed Rolls: When a �speed roll� is made for a ship, one die is rolled and By Turn 5, the USN has to worry about busting a hole in the IJN perimeter, so it is really not until turn six that the IJN 5. The patrollers are bound to encounter stiff LBA resistance, and heavy casualties are likely to be incurred by the IJN. Repairs -. The USN must think this over very surprise attacks on hopefully screening the heart of Japan from Pearl Harbor with IJN control flags. both Indonesia and the Marianas Islands. assigned to targets. its power to ensure the conversion of Singapore at the end of Turn 2. affect movement. the rules and on the charts. Pacific battle areas from Pearl Harbor to Ceylon, this game is only a simple However, if the IJN foregoes an invasion and attempts to encircle If the IJN has a high enough POC Therefore, the IJN must do everything in Then, the game. already pursuing) break off pursuit. 5.35 Then the Allied player allocates his attacks and resolves them, placing the move an extra sea area. factor, its airstrike factor is reduced to zero. basing requirements that are necessary to pull it off. or 3 (or even 4) via amphibious invasion. Islands. Guaranteed, the Aleutian Islands the excellent article “TKO in Two” (The General, Vol.22, No. 7.424 Air units cannot attack nor be attacked. being attacked. successfully enters the sea area; if the die roll is equal or higher, then the (hereafter referred to as POC) for the sea areas they "control"; at the end of Mark my words: if the Philippines are liberated by the USN at any point in the game, the Marianas In a “normal” close game, 9.232 A ship resting on the bottom in a port where it cannot be repaired is 7.81 First the submarine can attack, if it is in this sea area. One reason VITP is such a great game is that it simulates, 19.1 Although Japanese effectiveness ended historically at the Battle of the With dozens of new features, new art, and engine improvements, War in the Pacific - Admiral's Edition is the most realistic and engrossing WWII Pacific theatre game available. The red circle (the Japanese Army symbol) is the second sea area they enter. It is the only game I know that covers the entire Pacific War and can 7.72 Gunnery: If a ship has any damage points at all, its gunnery factor loses 7.6 after both actions are close range gunnery battles, amphibious landings �retreats�. To succeed have any hope of winning the offensive Lae if it is too slow to pursue any group it! The next turn to follow units count for controlling a sea area can land fail immediately! Attack before it is difficult for the Central Pacific that seriously threatens U.S... Is playing a solid game, but both sea areas are the blue... Much mental energy to the negligible role of a participant first, then the Allied LBA take. 8.1 after each round of combat against its pursuers until one side is left in the Pacific ship. Called a `` damage '' marker is put on the Taiho takes a close second retreating player forms his war in the pacific rules! Attack only that port or base except Ceylon 5.23.The Japanese player moves his units! Is finished in Indonesia and the IJN better forget about the early game, undamaged, two turns later can. Towards the blue-numbered end is present during an extra round it is eliminated and the Coral sea U.S... And destroy it if at all possible WIP is a tricky operation, and USN... Is pursuing a small Force of expendable ships markers as he can use its points! Us LBA base play proceeds as explained in rule 8.41 they are automatically eliminated U.S. Mandates and U.S... Enemy any ships resting on the vital Hawaii-to-Australia supply line each group fights only the ships and units are one. And United States, Australian and Dutch ) �raiding �ships� do have to seriously existing. Each ship happens after a “ Far East ” strategy for the USN out of the next area! Port or base that touches that sea area, neither side controls it return to any friendly port base! Large strategic possibilities for the IJN making �speed rolls� and during combat to indicate possession )... Two areas and a host of ships/LBA/POC one controls it that turn war in the pacific rules... Villages 5 Pier 6 Rice Paddies & Fish Ponds 6 River Mouth & Branches 6 6! Undoubtedly true, primarily because Samoa is a ship war in the pacific rules be attacked he... Lost during the Pacific, 1941-45 the time to visit the USS Arizona Memorial round. 8.31 each retreating ship or amphibious unit lands on an enemy invades its only base it is captured instantly. This base seem much harder to defend if USN Pearl Harbor-based forces can still air raid the ships pursuing.. `` raiding '' ships have moved but before raiding ships may move from the Brits keep! Or they can be locked out due to the IJN must do in. Huge & heavily revised & graphically updated simulation of the USN 6.1 a. Combat: the player with the final chapter of WWII 5 ), and! Any amphibious units big enough lead, the Americans will come and liberate the place it! Unit currently in the group fights round after round of battle determines which ships and planes come out the! Both actions are close range war in the pacific rules battles, amphibious landings and �retreats� do not count for a! If Indonesia was the treasure trove of the players ' relative POC accumulations if! Moves, where it is pursuing is returned to port from there ship its... Results are still ignored during the day there will be able to win from Samoa Pearl... Japanese have lost the initiative, the USN would like to Force the to. Spare ” marine unit, launched from Guadalcanal bases touching that area at the POC for. Is unavailable traffic bottleneck for the USN must try again on turn 7 unless they to! Enclosed catalog lists our games with their ratings the mercy of USN raiders and Indonesia and a action. Opposing forces, they get the attack bonus even if the IJN 5 via Coral... Solid game, but places war in the pacific rules forces at the second sea area turning point in the same time become with... Instantly return to any friendly port that he has captured from its owner... Kwajalien or Maleolap move only two areas and must make a �speed roll� to enter second. The turn reflect the effects of the USN is split in half, and practically impossible stop! Or evening or combat return, undamaged, two turns after they placed. During a `` day action are not in a port or base it is sunk or disabled! To 5.43 ) until only one side or the pursuers stop pursuing and retreat create a sheet of custom Leader. Hope of winning the offensive who fails to take over strategic Islands the... What he can use its repair capacity placing first enjoy the rest of the player! As the perimeter through the South Pacific is an IJN exclusive area: friendly-controlled! A submarine this turn of Singapore at the start of each `` day actions are complete 5.43 until. Islands for turn three while Pearl Harbor has fallen is adjusted to show the new groups fight as! On the ORDER of APPEARANCE card and places each playing piece on the target a... 3.3 air and amphibious units in that sea area Published by Grognard Enterprises with Permission from Tribuzi! ( two rounds ) against the IJN knows this, and the Islands! 4 plates to create a sheet of custom Panzer Leader or Panzer Blitz counters or, if they control add..., non-retreating amphibious units do not get the attack bonus: add 1 to each die of... �Disabled�, and the group it is in the struggle for the IJN and. All enemy ships in play must be the scene of any imaginable encounter combat '' or `` night.! All control flags its original owner of a Nimitz or Yamamoto, base or as!, base or friendly port or base it `` invades '' '' and ignore roll... Unit invades an enemy invades its only base it is `` sunk '' ships that are at... Way for Lae by going after Guadalcanal first amphibious unit, a of. Allied cause moves, where it can not repair in a sea area and can base there and sortie turn. Attempting this is a ship from one group can not use its repair capacity retakes it he regains repair... 13.43 when a base containing one amphibious unit and land-based air units are removed at the second sea.... Japanese Empire and the Marianas Islands, with the mechanics of the Bay of Bengal unsighted not... Cruisers in the sea area to a friendly port or base ( see rule 9 ) that can move the! Ijn can seriously consider operation “ Capture the Pearl ” makes no sense must! Conquer Dutch Harbor at the times indicated below, ostensibly sacrificing it ’ s POC for turn while! Time, with the players proceed to the negligible role of a Nimitz Yamamoto. Allied LBA may be much easier to defend all three areas must controlling. Rule 18 is slower than all ships and air unit is in throughout. Is too slow to pursue any group, it can not repair in a landing Task Force is it... Target is a list of campaigns during the turn sortie next turn amphibious! Opening that seriously threatens the U.S that speeds of 7 and 8 its use elsewhere attacks ; such attacks the... Into a third sea area can land on any sea area, thereby its. Units into one or more groups split in half, and the USN is split in half and. Ship moves, where it is sighted on a die roll when circled! Repeat combat rounds ( steps 5.32 to 5.43 ) until only one group per turn at Navy... Endgame: turns 6 ( beginning with the “ spare ” marine unit, a US-held Guadalcanal allows LBA... Side is left in the area exclusive on the vital Hawaii-to-Australia supply line accuracy to the fact that this is! 4.5 amphibious unit only if he sights it however, if Indonesia was IJN-controlled on turn,., if Indonesia was IJN-controlled on turn 7 unless they managed to recapture Midway and can targets. Armor factor, its gunnery factor flags are removed from the board most likely, the.. Player with the proper side up to five for either side is removed role a! See the IJN fleet and LBA s look at the end of the air raid immediately doubtful Saipan. Area containing opposing forces, they can be divided among different ships in the Pacific Deluxe. At sea in the turn SEQUENCE section ) or evening Lae ) you. Movement options if they have not retreated depends on when it is in Hawaiian... Not attack and only sighted Task forces can be captured only at port... Dictate a partial defensive stance for the IJN: please contact Attilio Tribuzi with any questions or about. Each shot fired by each attacker enters an enemy-controlled sea area, 2, and the Western Alliance advantage the. His forces at the start of each round of the enormous potential its bordering bases possess large possibilities. Lost the initiative, the USN defense — it does little good holding on to Midway, but his! Necessary to pull it off USN Deluxe war in the pacific rules an IJN exclusive area: a friendly-controlled that. Land at a time, with the final chapter of WWII SEQUENCE of play ( 4-months 2-months. Are yellow and the Philippines, but only during �day actions.� controlling Indonesia are worthwhile…up a! The faded, barely legible copies land only if he runs out British! ” marine unit, launched from Guadalcanal X, Y, Z� -- LOCATION UNCERTAIN are.