Beyond Boundaries and Barriers

We believe in protecting the vulnerable and enhancing the socioeconomic conditions of children, families and communities. Children need to grow up in safe and secure family and social environments. Our efforts focus on creating sustainable revenue streams for smallholder dairy farmers, rural youth, men and women through integrated dairy farming and other livelihood support. This enables them to provide for their families and enjoy an improved quality of life. We endeavour to ensure that the rights and protection of women and children are safe-guarded, and communities have the opportunities they need to thrive.

Small holder diary farmer programme

Our vision is to grow dairy production and improve quality of life for smallholder farmer families across rural dry zone districts in the Northern, Eastern and North Central provinces empowering smallholder dairy farmer households; and rural youth. Low incomes and quality of living, undersupply of local milk to domestic market, low milk quality leading to low prices, limited processing options and wastage, inadequate cold chain infrastructure and poor technology access or use, inadequate livestock and land management practices, inadequate cooperation with industry stakeholders to meet current and future industry needs are some of the challenges faced by the smallholder farmers. Yugashakthi aims to increase incomes from higher quality and supply of local milk to the domestic market, livestock and land resources are sustainably managed and the dry zone farmers are empowered to meet the needs of the future dairy industry and help Sri Lanka achieve self-sufficiency in milk production.


0 Smallholder dairy farmers
0 Women
0 Children/Youth

Empowering Communities


  • Farm Expansion and upgrading
  • Group Benefits
  • Supply Chain Assistance
  • Infrastructure to Improve Marketing
  • Trainings on:
  • Improved Farming Culture
  • Cattle Management
  • Integrated Farming
  • Business Planning
  • Finance Management
  • Operating Green Businesses
  • Quality Development
  • Farming Technology Adoption
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Abuse prevention and intervention activities, including therapy
  • Livelihood Assistance
  • Trainings on:
  • Organic & Integrated Farming
  • Quick Cash Crops
  • Business Management
  • Savings
  • Self-Help Groups
  • Rights and Protection of women


  • Child Rights and Protection programmes
  • Abuse prevention and intervention activities, including therapy
  • Career Development
  • Educational support
  • Unity and Peace programmes
  • Re-integration support


  • Leadership Development
  • Career Development
  • Skills Training
  • Job Placement
  • Unity, Peace and exchange programmes on coexistence


  • Promoting green businesses
  • Awareness on preserving the environment
  • Tree planting campaigns


  • Campaign to safeguard the rights and protection of women and children
  • Children’s newspaper “Siragugal”
  • Network with farmer organisations
  • Connect to service providers